Magni Attachments Rth



5- Ton- FEM Carriage


forkcarriage with forks - incl. In machine price

Jib 2000 kg

Jib 600 kg

Bucket 1000 l

Bucket 2000 l

Clamp TC 2.5-25

Clamp TC 3.8-49

Platform 500 kg

Platform 6,5 m width - 500 kg

Platform 1000 kg

Platform 4,6 m 800 kg with winch 300 kg

Platform 6,5 m 500 kg with winch 300 kg

Radio remote and platform control (standard type)

remote control for hydraulic movements, outriggers and transmission (optional)

Roofer platform

Telescopic jib 2500 - 1500 kg

Telescopic platform TP

Telescopic platform TP 2.10

Telescopic platform with possibility to work in negative TP O/U

Tunnel Platform 500 kg

Winch 3,5 T

Winch jib 800 kg

Winch jib 1500 kg

Winch jib 2000 kg

Winch jib 3000kg

Winch on lower end of boom (6T)

Ribs clamp

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