Drive Units for Augers

Manufacturer: Kinshofer

Type: Kinshofer Attachments

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The robust earth drills for loader cranes up to 18.0 t/m from the Kinshofer-daughter Auger Torque are an economical and customized solution for the drilling of holes for e.g. fence posts, poles, foundations or plant holes for bushes and trees. Well drilling or screw pile installations are also not a problem with these reliable earth drills.

The non-dislodgement shaft (NDS) provides for more safety and less downtimes, as the shaft cannot dislodge from the mechanism. The hydraulic oil used inside of the unit is dyed blue, serving as an indicator for service times and facilitating the detection of leakages. The robust head plates with the strong forged ears cope with the heavy strain of daily use without showing any signs of fatigue. The greasing points are easily accessible.

The augers are perfectly matched to the corresponding earth drills and every application. A constant spiral configuration and a shallow pitch flight guarantee extreme efficiency and productivity. Thanks to the easily exchangeable wear parts like pilots and teeth, the auger can be adjusted to different ground conditions. Due to the patented Shock Lock System, the teeth have a longer lifespan, shocks are absorbed and tooth loss prevented. 

Additional adjustment comes from auger extensions in different length options –  available as regular or telescopic versions.

Ideal for the safe transport at the carrier machine: the suitable rope wind hitch for every earth drill.

Shock Lock System

With our patented Shock Lock tooth locking system, tooth loss is now a thing of the past. Using the Shock Lock pin and rubber in the unique Shock Lock tooth holders ensures your auger teeth are safely locked in place and protected against shock fractures. 
The exchange of worn teeth is easy and fast. Simply knock out the old pin with a standard hole punch and the tooth will slide out of the holder with ease. Acclaimed as the best system on the market you will never need to worry about fitting spare teeth due to losing them again.

3000TC earth drill for loader cranes up to 9 t/m; 7 - 46 rotations per minute with a torque range of 959 to 3116 Nm / 710 to 2360 ft.lbs. at 80 to 260 bar / 1152 to 3744 psi.

5500TC earth drill for loader cranes up to 15 t/m; 11 - 38 rotations per minute with a torque range of 1685 to 5477 Nm / 1280 to 4150 ft.lbs. at 80 to 260 bar / 1152 to 3744 psi.

7000TC earth drill for loader cranes from 9 to 18 t/m; 9 - 30 rotations per minute with a torque range of 2098 to 6819 Nm / 1590 to 5160 ft.lbs. at 80 to 260 bar / 1152 to 3744 psi.

S4 augers for earth drill 3000TC available with diameters (mm): 100/150/200/225/250/300/350/375/400/450/500/550/600/700/750/800/900  /  (in): 3.93/5.90/7.87/8.85/9.84/11.81/13.77/14.76/15.74/17.71/19.68/21.65/23.62/27.55/29.52/31.49/35.43. Suitable extensions are available with lengths (mm): 500/800/1000/1200  /  (in): 19.68/31.49/39.37/47.24.

S5 augers for earth drills 5500TC and 7000TC available with diameters (mm): 150/200/225/250/300/350/375/400/450/500/550/600/700/750/800/900/1000/1200  /  (in): 5.90/7.87/8.85/9.84/11.81/13.77/14.76/15.74/17.71/19.68/21.65/23.62/27.55/29.52/31.49/35.43/39.37/47.24. Suitable extensions are available as regular version with lengths (mm): 1000/1500/2000  /  (in): 39.37/59.05/78.74, and as telescopic version with lengths (mm): 1500/2000  /  (in): 59.05/78.74.

The earth drills for the augers are available with different shaft connection options. 

Earth Drills and Augers for Truck Cranes

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