Kinshofer Attachments

Hay and Forestry Grapples with HPXdrive

High Volume Clamshell Buckets

Logging Grapples


Orange Peel Grapples

Pallet Forks ?

PremiumLine Crane Attachments

Rock Grapples with HPXdrive

Rotators for Crane Attachments

Special Solutions

Timber Grapples with HPXdrive

Universal Forks

Railway Grapples ?

Drive Units for Augers

Accessories for Excavator Attachments

Accessories for Cable & Hose Works

Ballast Brush

Ballast Tampers

Hedge Trimmer

Cable Ploughs

Clamshell Buckets with HPXdrive

Clamshell Buckets with Horizontal Cylinder

Clamshell Buckets with Vertical Cylinder

Clamshell Buckets with Exchangeable Shells

Compactors and Multi Purpose Compactors

Concrete Crusher

Contractor Grapples

Demolition and Sorting Grabs up to 9t

Selector Grabs

Earth Drills and Augers

Heavy Duty Selector Grabs

Levelling Plough

Lid Opener


Mobile Rail Cutter

Mobile Shears

Multi-Quick Processors

Multi Purpose Grabs

NOX Attachments & Accessories

Orange Peel Grabs

PremiumLine for Excavator Attachments

Rail and Sleeper Grapples

Rail Clamshell Buckets

Re-Handling Clamshell Buckets

Road-Rail Wagon

Rock Grabs

Rotating Shears

Rotators for Excavator Attachments

Sleeper Changers

Sleeper Layers

Special Solutions

Static Pulverisers

Timber Grabs

Pin-Grabber Couplers and Buckets

Nordic System Couplers and Buckets by KINSHOFER

System L-Lock by Kinshofer

TR06NOX Tiltrotators & Control Systems

TR10NOX Tiltrotators & Control Systems

TR14NOX Tiltrotators & Control Systems

TR25NOX Tiltrotators & Control Systems

Compactors and Multi Purpose Compactors for NOX

NOX Grapples

Attachments and Grippers for NOX

Fork Set for NOX

Tilt Couplers

TR19NOX Tiltrotators & Control Systems


BRC Foundation Pile Milling Heads

Clamshell Buckets with HPXdrive

Accessories for Crane Attachments

Clamshell Buckets with Vertical Cylinder

Container Discharge Units

NOX Tiltrotators & Control Systems

Clamshell Buckets with Horizontal Cylinder

Pin-Grabber Couplers and Buckets

Barrier Lifters

Brick Stack Grapples

Clamshell Buckets with Open Shells ?

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